Among all these installations, I am fancinated by works from Drift studio.


Fragile Future concrete Chandelier, 2011, V & A Collection, winner of the Pavilion Art & Design London Prize

I have not imagined that the combination of art and engineering could be so elegant and delicately. These works took them a long time to develop and, in the end, a fascinating result and experience. When I click on the video of their project. Behind every project, there is a unique story about nature and human life. The more significant concern for the world is also a point that their work worth remembering. From their works, I see a bright future picture of the harmony between humans and nature.


The scenario of the project is the cabin of an airplane. FastLed is for evacuation lights. The buzzer is an emergency alarm for air emergencies. The fan is a ventilator above the seat, while the Led is a service light for help.

Communication of four circuits:

Input one: potentiallometer -> Output two: fastled blinks

Input two: potentiallometer -> Output three: led lights up

Input three:potentiallometer->Output four: buzzer beeps

Input four:potentiallometer ->Output one:fan turns on

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