Post3-Space Shuttle

Ideas for responsive design in space shuttle:

  • Gaming bracelets
How Among Us became a global video game phenomenon — Quartz

Astronauts can use a light gaming bracelet to detect the heartbeat and gestures. They can play video games by manipulating data. Entertainment activity should be considered in dull space life. Due to the gravity difference in outer space, playing the game might differ from that on earth. Indeed, no-gravity adds more fun to playing video games, like the astronauts can get score by jumping to 10 meters high in the space station.

  • Stars Viewr
6 Star Map Apps for iOS -

A large window for observing stars. Once the special constellation or moons are detected, the window will appear the star’s related information to introduce Astronauts. They can also take a snap chat from the window and sharing their happiness of finding a beautiful star with their family.

  • AR Meditaion Green Space
Hydro Studios — VR Travel: Find Your Virtual Happy Place

Since we have not found life exists outside the earth, there is no green space in outer space. Astraunoats might miss the lively environment after looking at similar outer space views for days and months. Thus, an AR Green Space for meditation is a good choice for them to relax and rebuild the feeling they once had on earth.

Arduino remote control:

The concept of our project is communication between things. Nowadays, modern technology has developed multiple ways to make interactions. For instance, some smart home devices can let users use the tablet to control the devices. Also, social media apps make communication between two digital platforms possible. However, it is infrequent for us to see communication between objects and objects.

We build a watering machine that makes remote watering plants possible as long as you make the gesture of watering. As the professor suggested, this project’s further application put the tilted sensor on a water bottle. When the user drinks water, the plant also gets water. No matter where you are, you can enjoy the moment of living with your plants!

test for receiver

test for sender



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