For a long time, the machine is considered a precise and non-human device, which only executes procedures that the controller gives. However, the time changes. The useless design and adding personality to design inspires me a lot. I have seen some artwork titled with the useless design before, but the purpose of these artworks is to figure out the functionality and utilization of certain designs.

In the Ted Talk, the Youtuber tells her story of making useless machines: She will not feel anxious about getting fail when making. This time, the useless design has its value on my heart. It could be a fun way of making things. The only thing matter in the making is keeping passionate and be happy. Setting up a super goal to keep learning things and brings happiness to others is cool. There are thousands of similar patterns to make certain things, but I think the useless design is so unique that it can still spark the light of creating innovative projects. The reason is that no failure is the same for everyone.

It is so frequent for a designer to ask the user about their interest and preferences for the personality part. However, it is rare for designers to make a personal statement of who I am in their designs. The philosopher Hegel once says that human is the creature that is most closet to the god because human create things. When we make the robot, we tend to give it a real bing, which is an underlined desire of all creating processes. Instead of using one formula for every design, the designer should be like an artist and use their unique method to convey their concept and nature to the objects. Even though thousands of cars have produced, different people buy their cars for an unusual reason. This is why we need to convey ourselves and use the message to find a match with users.

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