The reading for this week is a horror story with actual humans become automotive furniture in the end. The nursery in the story is like an immersive room under the control of a group of spoiled children. It reminds me that what person uses the technology is a critical question. Take the example of the story. The kids use technology as an assistant to do whatever they want, even murder their parents. A robot could follow the command, but its real intention can be disguised by someone directing the machine purposely.
The story also mentions the room can study children’s mind patterns directly. The computing behind the room is based on sense and thought instead of a spoken command. Even though ubiquitous computing could satisfy the commander’s need more immediately, it runs without rational thinking and confirmation, which more likely causes a big mistake in the actual situation.
Therefore, once we establish that similar technology in the story, we must consider moral dilemmas ahead of this new platform.

Midterm proposal

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