Post7-Affective Environments


The story is similar to the last article we read. The house in the story has the same personality as the house owner. The main character buys a second-hand house whose nature has shaped by its original owner. To explore the original house owner’s mysterious nature, the main character persists in staying in this house even his wife divorced him. In the story, the main character’s temper is easily affected by the house. The digital room quickly ignites the main character’s anger toward his wife, and the house’s interior design exaggerates the feeling. Living in a crazy place for a long time drives the house resident to get mad because instead of living in a standard concrete house, the house resident is more similar to live with an actual crazy person. Since human emotions are not stable, making commands through people’s feelings or adding personality to machines is a double-sided sword. It might provide more humanized service, and its nature will have an unknown impact on its commander. As we keep developing new things and chasing high-tech machines, the moral dilemma exists behind every step we made.


The positive word number and the negative word number calculated in the lyric will affect the song’s sentiment score. We transfer the sentiment score of four songs into different light colors. This demo could be installed as a music experience room. Once the user selects the music he/she is going to play, the room weight will change according to the song’s emotion.

demo of Node-Red

Json file of songs that we pick and their lyrics

node-red program

MQTT receive to arduino

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