Programming:Mingyue Chen

Fabrication: Ricky Zhang

Tools: Arduino, Laser Cut

Date: 2021.4

The concept is to create an adaptable catapult that interacts with users by aiming at the target using sensors. The aiming is done with an ultrasonic sensor in combination with the speed and angle of the servo motor. By plotting a graph, we can predict the amount of speed and angle we need to reach the desired distance.


Arduino Code


Laser cut

For the first week, we went to FabLab in NYU Shanghai to laser cut our wood board for the first prototype. For the second prototype, due to the spring break on campus, FabLab is temporarily closed. Then, we went to Xinchejian, an old maker space in Shanghai, to do a laser cut. However, the facility there is too old to work. Machines broke down left and right, and we spent hours just attempting to fix the machinery. In addition, the place did not have any wooden boards left with the dimensions that we were working with initially. At last, we got the CNC machine to read our file properly, but the machine decided to drill into itself, which ultimately broke the CNC drill. We then decided to hand-cut cardboard to replace all the materials we miss.

Luckily, we completed the project late at night but not to the full potential of which we hoped due to a lack of working machinery on the last day. Despite this, we could easily go to the New York University Shanghai Campus tomorrow to complete the project as the illustrator files are ready. As we were not able to use any laser cutting today, we could not add the necessary pieces to make this project in the form that we envisioned. However, we found workarounds and went to many places to buy materials such as cardboard, glue, and wooden dowels.

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