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Our idea is to make a drawing machine that will respond to music/human sound. The different emotions detected in the sound will affect the machine’s drawing. For example, if the sound is loud and annoying, the machine will draw swift and rush, while if the sound is a piece of music, the machine will be happy and draw vibrant colors and elegant shapes.

Definitely homemade - and a good place to build off of. | Drawing machine,  Drawings, Reflection painting
Wind Drawing Machine – IAAC Blog

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  1. I can see how you guys are inspired by the work Can’t Help Myself. Combining the blogs from both of you, seems like your bot is doing splattering instead of actual drawing, which can potentially get super messy, but I am glad that you guys have the spirit to the “get hands dirty”. The key to your project, beyond how robust the robotics works, is how you process audio and translate it into the motion, or even emotion of the bot. Loud audio doesn’t necessarily correlate to annoying noise. Simply placing your mic closer to the audio source is going to give you higher dB so I guess you should be avoiding using loudness as the sole factor of determining the bot’s motion. Pitch might be more relevant to your project.

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