According to the article, we can see how AR and MR technology extend the possibility of human sense. Ivan Sutherland tries to point out that the focus around 1965 was limited in input and methods. Many other senses like smell and taste have not been developed to control the computer. The writer at Delf University explains the development of Augment Reality. Some have solved some limitations like visons issues in head-ware devices are not. Finally, Keiichi in 2016 created a video to describe the future of AR and people’s life. It is interesting to point out that, in Keiichi’s video, the main character gets involved in ar life, like playing a game that she can restart her life and get the virus in the devices. I feel like the AR technique spread excessive information to the character. People forget to feel the reality. Because the data is too much for people to handle, they lose control of life. However, regardless of the critic of Ar technology, I believe that all these three authors hope to make the new technology border human’s horizon and let computers and humans cooperate. We will gradually see this new technology happens in our life through the last devices. Ar should be the recent trend of modern people’s life.

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