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In reading, A Cultural Approach to Interaction Design, the author builds his idea upon Donald Arthur Norman‘s idea of potential intention. He points out that the demand of the design should not come from the unconscious intention itself but lead the user to behavior this intention. Also, I agree with his idea of the design for the leading group users for the trend. The mass does not know what they are going to buy before the product comes out. In the later paragraph, the author mentions some concepts in digital media and how the artist or designer should think of these terms.

For Rhetoric Video Games, I love the author take the example of Animal Crossing and spore. These are two games I am enjoying playing. The authors explain that the game is simply the social system to emphasize a specific topic—the different rhetorical methods help reinforce the educational value of games. Games can be serves as a function of education as long as children play the game critically. For the digital maker, I think it is essential for us to know about the genre and method when creating. It helps us understand where our works position is and how to lead our work in a certain way.

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