These two articles both identifying the cultural value behind the artifacts. The sony walkman has an impact on the culture because people identity its meaning. The walkman is a product of listening to music, and the larger Japanese cultural context and people’s signify practice like jogging and walking. The modern artifacts also point to the trend of globalization, americanization. The researcher needs to notice the trend and think about the position of the product in the movement. The small material experiment ecology study helps us understand where we are and predict future human values. With this knowledge, we can cultivate our culture in a significant way. I connect with the reading with the augment reality exercise I am going to do this week. To build a digital model display, I can think about the form of the model itself and the larger culture and its impact on human life. With the development of digital media, there will be more ways to protect and analyze material culture and anthropology.

Augmented Exercises– Plague Doctor Mask

Under the epidemic of COVID-19, masks have gradually become an indispensable item in modern people’s lives. When the Black Death broke out in the Middle Ages, doctors wore bird shape masks to treat patients. By understanding the relevant information of the plague mask, we can have a deeper understanding of the mask and epidemics in history. Get to know how far human beings have gone in the progress of fighting against epidemics.


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