The museum is a public cultural space to holding arts and thoughts. It provides the experience for the intersection of visitor’s minds and the artworks. The artwork “finds a home” when it has a connection to people’s consciousness. A museum is always some place to inspire people. As the collective intellectual treasure store, people go there to get the inspiration of new ideas. As the author says, without wonder, there is no curiosity and then no science. We need museums so much that we stop thinking without them. And, the museum also needs people to lead it in an avant-garde direction, with dreamy excitement.

When we see the museum, we should see the artwork on the wall and treat the museum as one great piece of artwork. It is the space that creates experience and connection. We should pay more attention to the relationship between subjects and areas. Try to see things that are underneath or it is ignored most of the time. Find out how the museum displays the works and the connection between different artworks and the relationship to the audience. We build connections with the museum through our careful observation and thoughts. Please write down the crazy idea we have never had other than the museum. This thought would be a great present to the audience from the museum.

For the technology part, we all know that today technology drives the trend of moving human society forward. The new technology method in the museum will guide the museum in a new direction, which is also what a museum demands. However, we should pay very much attention to the way we use technology. We cannot treat the work as a new art as long as it is a new technology. The most important thing is how it helps people’s thinking in the museum, not just alluring people’s eyes. Only when we think thoughtfully about these things can we use technology to contribute to the museum.

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