The two readings try to explain the terminology of the museum and discuss the actual purpose of the museum. I love to see exhibitions in museums. It is a great space to inspire me and broaden my eyes. I do not have the actual feeling about history, culture, and art until I go to the great museums and see the real works. For me, a museum is an educational place that needs the visitor to take it quite seriously. In the essay, the end of the museum, I like the reference articles that aliens people on mars will still have a museum. The author trying to say that a museum is a universal place for educated people, preserved culture, and perceived future. People learn and interpret, and contribute to the museum with their imaginations. The articles also point out that there are some limitation exists in the museum make it very fragile and abstinence. To know about the museum, several questions should be asked. What is the context of the piece? When and how the piece was made? How does the museum make the connections of pieces? Digital museums, which contain unlimited data, nowadays can break the limitations of the museum and help people to make reinterpretations for artworks in context.

Exercise2Plague Doctor Mask


Laptop view

Smartphone view

In this exercise, I reformat the User Interface of my previous project. I also add on some information about what Covid-19 happens today. The most trouble I have is connecting iPhone with a Windows laptop. I try to use unity remote 5 software to make the connection for this exercise. I have done all the setup for the AR package. Later on, I will try to use an android phone to set up the program according to the class lecture.

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