Van Gogh and his illness

UI Design: Mingyue Chen

Tools: Figma

Date: 2021.10

For this project, I collect artworks from Van Gogh which are related to his illness. These works were mainly created in 1888-1890, the last two years of his life. Thanks to the Van Gogh museum, I get my resources easily. Even though the museum itself already has similar projects to talk about Van Gogh’s life, I think there is still something I can add on. I add a lot of detailed information from the book Biographic Van Gogh to help people understand Van Gogh’s illness. I also create some AR interactions experience for the viewer to feel Van Gogh and his works. Further, there is a small part of the collections of Van Gogh that are not from Van Gogh’s museum, and the digital platform contributes to breaking the borders of the museum collections. My design is consistent with the design of the official website of Van Gogh. I use large vibrant colors from Van Gogh’s Painting to show his unique perspective under his serious conditions. In the end, I add some information about mental health and encourage people to know about themselves. I think through learning Van Gogh’s life story and illness people will have less bias to the mental issues and be willing to know more about themselves.


User Flow


Van Gogh museum

Biographic Van Gogh

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