Home Museum

AR Development:Mingyue Chen, Joshua Lee

Voice Recording: Francisco Briggs

Tools: Unity

Date: 2021.12

Home Museum is an AR app that allows visitors to take the Greek statue standing on top of the Humboldt Forum back home as their pocket collection


Augmented reality App

Desktop and mobile scene display


Design an app that can operate in public space to reveal information to the passersby about the statues standing on top of the Humboldt Forum. How can AR show meaningful stories and bring them closer to the public?

Concept Development

On the large gateway in the courtyard of the new Humbold Forum, there are several sculptures of Greek gods, which were used to function as models for the reconstruction of the Baroque facade.

Among all these statues, We pick four statues: Apollo, Hercules, Mercury, and Muse to make the prototype. We find the digital model of them to do our project.

We notice that these statues are pretty high on the building, so it is hard to scan them directly to generate instructions. If we put a QR code on the wall or the floor, it would be easy for the audience to neglect it. Therefore, we came up with the idea of Home Museum to put the QR code on a collection ticket. People who get the collection ticket from the museum can learn information about statues at home and make them their private collection.

Why AR?

Augmented Reality makes the goal of taking art pieces back home achievable for everyone. Unlike physical copies of art pieces which take up space and money, AR art collections are portable and personal. Home Museum includes both text and voice instruction information for the art pieces. The audience can carry their collection tickets to any place at any time for study. We hope that in the future, not only a small group of people can access the art pieces in the museum, everyone has the chance to do that.

User Flow

  1. Scan the QR code on the collection ticket of Humboldt Forum
  2. Click on the button to change the scene
  3. Listen to the audio instructions and take a closer eye on the details of the statues
  4. Place your most favorite scene in your room and make a screenshot

Future Exploration

To contribute to the democratic respect of the museum, we need to provoke the audience’s independent thinking for the project.

Our future exploration for Home Museum will be –

Propose critical questions to invoke audiences’ thinking

Gamelify the AR experience and let the audience control a specific part of the statues and reshape it with their ideas

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