Mushroom Forest

Artist: Mingyue Chen

Medium: An installation made of second-hand items from flea markets and streets, ropes, LEDs, glass, clay from Amazon, and bottles I recycled daily

Date: 2022.12

The ideas for this installation began with my previous project, Chinese Pronouns. They/them pronoun is not common in Chinese. In addition, Chinese characters related to women are often stigmatized. When I was learning German, which has three genders, I learned to associate everyday things with a specific gender. Neutral genders have long been neglected in Chinese culture and society. On the other hand, neutral gender in German aligns perfectly with my previous concept. After I collected objects in Berlin, I deconstructed and transformed them based on gender. As I gathered more materials, I began to explore and create a fantasy worldview based on the realities of the male gaze and my identity. In addition, I used other art techniques, such as sewing and painting, to create installations.











Spring awakens all nature.

Under the color wheel in the mushroom forest,

A toddler holds toys and soft drinks

dancing with its double souls.

Ah, see,

the clock never stops, 

and a father’s sleepy eyes never close.

Her pain and tears are my tender homeland.

All of life rests here forever.

Ultimately, I want to inspire care and courage among those who see this project.


Presented in Die Ausstellung Exhibition at NYU Berlin