The work of Sougwen is a clear example of robotic arts

Putting The Art In Artificial Intelligence: A Conversation With Sougwen  Chung

She draws the example first and then lets the robot learn her hand. After learning the way she is drawing, the robot begins to create a similar style of art. In this case, the robot functions as an artist’s imitator and helps the artist finish abundant repetitive works. I think the artist’s work explores a futuristic fantasy that no matter what works it is, the human mind is maximized released by letting robots do repetitive jobs. People will have the largest freedom to think and create.

The piece less like a robotic art:

原田和明│ 動起來吧!精巧的裝置藝術» ㄇㄞˋ點子

The artwork is done by Japanese automatist 原田和 明. He creates automata that make small objects have unique movements with imagination. Even though people should rotate the handle of automata to make it move, it is still a robot in a certain is like the earlier version of a robot: machines execute tasksunder specific physical control. It is fun to see that the artist adds humor to daily objects and figure out a unique mechanism to make automata. Automata is like a happy toy machine that brings a smile to modern people. The automata structure also encourages many visitors to learn about the mechanism and physics behind the devices.

Ideas for midterm:

I group with Zoe, and here are our three ideas:

2 responses to “BLOG4-ROBOTIC ART”

  1. For your first pick, do you think robots that learn from artists are going to replace real human artists in the future? So what the robot draws will represent the artist already? Eventually, the human artist will have the leisure to create more creative work when the robot already has the capability to recreate what the artist can do?
    For you second pick, do you have the name of the work or a link to it? Curious to see the actual movement of the work.
    For mid-term, have you already decided which idea to go for? Personally prefer the first two that you illustrated.

  2. I think robot would be a great assistant for artist rather than an real artist. Even though they can create art by randomly generating patterns or imitating the way the artist draw, robot’s arts are still not enough to be called an real artwork. The artist create work from their experience, feeling, and deep thinking, which allows their viewers resonates with the work. But, without these stories behind, the artwork is just an elegant patterns without a soul.
    Plus, here is the YouTube channel of the artist:

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