The UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

Using the media technology to perceive the micro-world and the macro world is like opening the third eye for humans to understand the world around us. Among all digital art examples from the article, I like the autonomous hybrid ecology BDTB installation most. It reminds me of the final chapter of the Chinese science fiction of Three Bodies. In the ending of the universe, Ai Weiwei sends the main character Cheng Xin a small ecosystem ball with goldfish and seagrass to bring new life to the new universe. I feel that building an artificial ecosystem is very poetic in this scenario. In the universe that no one lives, human tries to behave like a god to bring life to the earth. Under different scales perception, “be an exploring alchemist” could be a central task of media artists in the modern technology era. We need to live more poetically with our technology.


Fruits and Life Expectancy – Luna, Annie

Many people will agree that ” an apple a day keeps the doctor away, ” which means that eating fruits might make people healthier. We want to dit more into this topic to make sure if this statement is correct or not. Therefore, we find fruit consumption data from FAOSTAT, food and agriculture organization, and life expectancy data from One World in Data. We select a group of the country that consume different amounts of fruits per capita and try to make a comparison between their country life expectancy per capita. Soon, we get a result that in general, the country where people who eat more fruits will live longer. However, the country where people eat most fruits might not be the country with the longest life expectancy. There might be some other factors that affect life expectancy. Next time, when mommy tells their children to eat more fruits, they can say: “do you want to live longer? Then eat fruits!”

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